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Founded in 2013, Kinguin has fast become one of the largest alternative marketplaces to Steam, Origin and, with more than 10 million loyal customers globally. The platform offers digital products, from video games to computer software and services. Kinguin’s mission is to create an ecosystem built around the Player. To achieve this, Kinguin provides easy and secure access to games, innovative ways for Players to trade and conduct commerce, new ways for developers to reach Players directly.

Is Kinguin reliable? Is Kinguin key safe?

Yes, Kinguin is legit. It is totally legal to resell game keys for below regular retail prices, and Kinguin serves as a legit marketplace for 3rd parties to sell keys that they have acquired. If you purchase a product key that is invalid, Kinguin will refund your money.


Does Kinguin save payment info?

KINGUIN: Kinguin doesn't see or store your credit card information. Only the payment services Kinguin use can see your credit card information which is necessary for them to process the payment. All pages where you are required to enter your personal or credit card information are secured.


Can you stack coupons on Kinguin?

No, you can't stack coupons, if you apply another will not get you a second discount.


How many coupon codes can you use on Kinguin?

You may only use one valid Kinguin promo code per order.


Why is Kinguin so cheap?

On Kinguin, sellers who bought the keys from a publisher or a wholesaler price them individually. The prices are lower because the sellers don't have to pay for designing their stores, maintaining servers, positioning them in Google, advertising, support, etc.


Who owned Kinguin?

Viktor Wanli


Where is Kinguin based?