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At Govee, creating high-quality LED lighting and smart home devices is their core priority. They diligently strive to provide you with groundbreaking products that help illuminate your greatest moments in dynamic color.
Making Life Smarter perfectly encapsulates what they've been doing at Govee since November 2017.

They create cutting-edge LED lights and smart home devices that transform traditional ways of living. 
They do this by being customer-obsessed. 
They do this by committing to unparalleled R&D. 
They do this by demonstrating integrity, boldness, and passion in everything we produce.

Becoming a leader in the strip light industry is not just about reinventing traditional lifestyles but also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in smart devices.
They value innovativeness and will continue providing excellent customer service while creating colorful and safe products that succeed in Making Life Smarter.